Top 3 services of D-world

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D-World is the new way of commuting in just few clicks. There are many features by which it has caught the eyes of many users. The services make the life easier for the commuter and also for the drivers. The services are not just limited to only one category of vehicles but involve any category. So there are lots of choices in the application to choose from. The application is driven by subscription plans for any of their service for leasing or hiring.

Earning with D-World

D-World gives registered users two ways to earn – Through driving or by leasing the vehicle. Both the earning methods are not restricted just for cars but any category of vehicles.

  • Anyone who has a valid driving licence, little experience driving in past and the passion to drive can choose this service. With this service, user can earn part-time or full time as per their feasibility and convenience. User can also be an acting driver while travelling to a certain location like office or any city. Bonus point is the amount earned is solely of the user and no charges are deducted.
  • Registered users can also earn by leasing their vehicles, including heavy weight vehicles to the leasing firms. Owners can earn by talking to the leasing firms for the best deal. Once the user gets a desired deal, they can lock it.
  • Hiring drivers

    Registered users can hire experienced drivers using this feature. Finding drivers around your locality is easier, faster and smoother. User can hire driver for personal or commercial use. Transparency factor allows the user to decide their own terms by directly speaking to the driver.

    Hiring vehicles

    When the user is interested to drive the vehicle on their own, they can choose this service. User can rent any vehicle according to the need and use. There are multiple categories of vehicles to choose from. The vehicles around your locality can be taken on lease in the easiest way. Lease the vehicles talking to the leasing firms with your terms. If the deal is suitable for both, you can lock the deal.

    Final thoughts

    Although there are many other services in the country to choose from, the features of D-World create best impression. The services not only benefit the commuter, but change the life of little experienced drivers. Although the service is subscription model for leasers and hiring users, the service is free for drivers. No brokerage from drivers makes D-World, best friendly mobile application for drivers.